List of Various Forms under the Companies Act, 2013

S.No Forms Purpose Type
1 INC 1

Application for name reservation during Company Incorporation

Form No. 1A as per Companies Act, 1956

2 INC 2 Application for Incorporation of One Person Company and Nomination within 60 days of making application for reservation of name in INC-1 e-Form
3 INC 3 Consent of Nominee for One Person Company (OPC) e-Form
4 INC 4 Change in Member/Nominee for One Person Company(OPC) within 30 days of receipt of notice of withdrawal of consent e-Form
5 INC 5 Intimation by One Person Company (OPC) for exceeding prescribed threshold limit of more than Rs 50 lakh of share capital or Rs 2 crore of turnover Within 60 days from the date where, Share Capital exceeds Rs.50 lakh or Average Annual T/O exceeds Rs.2 Crore e-Form
6 INC 6

Conversion of private limited company into an OPC or vice versa. Form INC 6 to be filed along with affidavit by directors confirming consent for conversion being received from creditors and members of the company.

  • List of members and list of creditors
  • Latest audited financial Balance Sheet and P and L
7 INC 7 Application for new Incorporation within 60 days of name approval certificate.INC-7 deals with incorporation of a new company (other than OPC), accompanied by supporting documents such as details of Directors/subscribers, the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA) and evidence of payment of stamp duty. e-Form
8 INC 8 Declaration by professionals like an Advocate, Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant or Company Secretary in practice that all requirements of the Companies Act and rules pertaining to incorporation have been complied with Physical
9 INC 9 Declaration by each of the subscribers to the memorandum and each of the ‘first directors’ named in the articles that he has not been convicted of any offence for the preceding 5 years and that all the documents filed with the Registrar are true and accurate. Physical
10 INC 10 Specimen signature of subscriber verified by notary/banker Physical
11 INC 11 Certificate of Incorporation(COI) Physical
12 INC 11A Certificate of Incorporation for converting unlimited company to limited company Physical
13 INC 11B Certificate of Incorporation for converting a company limited by guarantee to a company limited by shares Physical
14 INC 12 Application for Grant of license to a new company. (Part A) Grant of license to an existing company (Part B) Part A: Grant of license to a new company. 2. (a) *Name of the Applicant. Form INC-12 substituted with Form INC-32 SPICe Physical
15 INC 13 Memorandum of Association(MoA) Physical
16 INC 14 Declaration by an Advocate, a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant or Company Secretary in practice, that the articles of association have been drawn up in conformity with the provisions of Section 8 and rules made and that all the requirements concerning the Act and the rules made in relation to registration of the company under Section 8 and matters incidental or supplemental have been complied with. Physical
17 INC 15 Declaration by each of the persons making the application(Section 8 companies) Physical
18 INC 16/17

License issued under Section 8 Issued By ROC.

INC-17 -: License of Section 8 Company Issued By ROC To an Existing Company (Conversion of a Company into Section 8 Company)

19 INC 18

Application to Regional Director for the conversion of Section 8 company to any other kind of company. Along with certified true copy of special resolution passing and Notice convening the meeting.

Copy of application with annexure shall also be filed with Registrar

20 INC 19 Notice to Regional Director for companies converting from Section 8 to any other kind and inviting objections (if any). Physical
21 INC 20 Intimation to the Registrar for revocation or surrender of a license issued under Section 8 within 30 days of date of receipt of order. Where the license granted to the company has been revoked, then company shall apply. e-Form
22 INC 20A Declaration given by the director for the commencement of business for a company e-Form
23 INC 21 Declaration prior to the commencement of business or exercising borrowing powers within 180 days of incorporation. Declaration to be filed with fees and content of the form shall be verified by CA, CS, CWA in practice. Form No. 19 as per Companies Act, 1956.
24 INC 22

Notice for change of situation of the registered office of the company and its verification/change of registered office with same locality. Attachment to the said form shall be,

  • Registered document of Title in name of company OR Lease or Rent agreement in the name of company
  • Authorization from owner/ occupant to use the premises by the company as Registered Office
  • Proof of evidence of any utility services such as telephone, electricity not older than 2 months

Form No. 18 as per Companies Act, 1956.

25 INC 22A Active Company Tagging Identities and Verification(ACTIVE) e-Form
26 INC 23

Application to Regional Director for approval to shift the Registered Office from one State to another State or from jurisdiction of one Registrar to another Registrar within the same State. Publish notice once in a daily news paper in English and in principal language at least one month before filing application

Serve individual notice to each debenture holder, depositor and creditor Form Nos. 1AD, 24AAA as per Companies Act, 1956.

27 INC 24

Application to the Central Government for approval for change in the name of the company within 60 days of making application for change of name. The change of name is not allowed to a company which has defaulted in filing its annual returns or financial statements or any document due for filing with the Registrar or which has defaulted in repayment of matured deposits or debentures or interest on deposits or debentures

New certificate of incorporation in Form No. INC.25 shall be issued to the company consequent upon change of name. Form No.1B as per Companies Act, 1956.

28 INC 25 A new certificate of incorporation subsequent to change in name Physical
29 INC 25A Advertisement to be published in a newspaper when a public company is converted into a private company Physical
30 INC 26 Advertisement to be published in newspaper for change in the registered office from one State Government or Union territory to another Physical
31 INC 27

Conversion of public company into private company or private company into public company within fifteen days of the receipt of the order from the Central Government. For effecting the conversion of a private company into a public company or vice versa, the application and a copy of order of the competent authority approving the alteration shall be filed with the Registrar together with the printed copy of the altered articles.

Form Nos. 1B, 62 as per Companies Act, 1956.

32 INC 28

Notice of the order of the court/any other competent authority within 30 days from the date of receipt of certified copy of the order. The certified copy of the order of the Central Government, approving the alteration of the memorandum for transfer of registered office of the company from one State to another, shall be filed with the Registrar of the State

Form No. 21 as per Companies Act, 1956.

33 INC 29

Integrated Form for Incorporation replacing 5 Forms viz. INC-1(Name Reservation) INC-2(Application For Incorporation), INC-7(Application For Incorporation other than OPC), INC-12(Particulars of Appointment of Directors & Key managerial personnel) and INC-22 (notice of change of situation of registered office)

34 INC 32 Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically (SPICe) e-Form
35 INC 33 e-Memorandum of association(MoA) e-Form
36 INC 34 e-Articles of association(AoA) e-Form
37 INC 35 Application for Goods and services tax Identification number(GSTIN), employees state Insurance corporation registration(ESIC) plus Employees provident fund organization(EPFO) registration(AGILE-PRO) e-Form
38 PAS 1 Advertisement providing details of notice of special resolution for varying terms of contracts referred to in the Prospectus or Objects for which Prospectus was issued Physical
39 PAS 2 Information Memorandum e-Form
40 PAS 3

Return of allotment of securities

Form No. 2 as per Companies Act, 1956.

41 PAS 4 Private placement offer cum application letter. A company may make an offer or invitation to subscribe to securities through issue of a private placement offer letter in Form PAS-4 Physical
42 PAS 5 A company shall maintain a record of private placement offer in Form PAS-5 Physical
43 PAS 6

Reconciliation of Share capital Audit Report on half yearly basis By Unlisted Public Companies( except a Nidhi; a Government company or a wholly owned subsidiary).

1.Every unlisted public company governed by this rule shall submit Form PAS-6 to the Registrar with such fee as provided in Companies (Registration Offices and Fees) Rules, 2014 within sixty days from the conclusion of each half year duly.

2.The company shall immediately bring to the notice of the depositories any difference observed in its issued capital and the capital held in dematerialized form.”

Content of E-form PAS-6

  • ISIN (International Security Identification Number).
  • Details of capital of Company held in dematerialised form or physical form.
  • Details of changes in share capital during the half-year.
  • Details of shares held by promoters, directors and KMPs in the form of Demat or physical.
  • Details of number of requests, number of shares and reasons for delay for requests confirmed after 21 days or requests pending beyond 21 days.
  • Details of Company Secretary of the Company, if any.
  • Details of Practicing CA/CS certifying this form.
44 RD 1

Application to the regional director for change in a financial year or the conversion of a public company into a private company

Form No. 24A as per Companies Act, 1956.

45 RD 2

Form for filing petitions to Central Government (Regional Director)

Form No. 24AAA as per Companies Act, 1956.

46 RD GNL 5 Form for rectification of mistakes pertaining to change in a financial year or for the conversion of a public company into a private company e-Form
47 CRL 1 Return on the number of layers of subsidiary held by a holding company e-Form
48 SH 1 Certificate of shares Physical
49 SH 2 Register of renewed and duplicate share certificates Physical
50 SH 3 Register of sweat equity shares Physical