Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration- Introduction

The zone of Intellectual property right is very vast as it covers – Copyright,Patent,Trademark, Design, Utility model, Trade secrets and Geographical Indications. It indicates the creation of human minds that can be in any form like-Invention, Artistic Work, Literary work, Symbols and Design. It protects the interest of the person who has created it. When you are registering a Creative Work under the Copyright Act you are not only applying for Legal Right, but also determining the Exclusive Right over the Creative work.

Copyright provides protection to the original works of the author. Copyright is basically an intellectual property right confers upon its owner. Any other individual or entity can use original work (like books, scripts, even software, artistic, cinematography, recordings, computer programming etc.) of the creator with his/ her permission only. Copyrights operates against unauthorized copying, the taking of another's creation, without paying for it. Copyright is essentially a creation of statute, the copyright act makes it clear that no person shall be entitled to copyright or any similar rights, in any work whether published or unpublished, otherwise than in accordance with the provisions of the Act.

Companies often copyright instruction manuals, Website content, product literature, brochure, and user guides. Copyrights are also transferable. Copyright registration is done in accordance with the Copyright Act, 1957. With copyright registration, you may become a legal owner of your creative work in respect of books, paintings, music, video, paintings, website, mobile application etc. Copyright registration with the authority ensures that creative work of the author cannot be imitated. No person is authorized to use the same without the permission of the author or creator. The author is allowed to charge others for using his work or modifying it. Copyrights registration safeguards the rights of the creator from infringement. It gives legal protection by which no other person can misuse the copyright in any manner without obtaining the permission of the owner.

How long does Copyright Protection Last?

After copyright registration, copyright is valid for the lifetime of the author + 60 years after the death of the author. Duration of copyright registration means the copyright in a work will live for such a period as directed under the copyright act and the same cannot be practiced without author/creator permission. Since the copyright duration in a work varies from the nature of work, the duration of copyright as per the work has been discussed herein below:

  1. Published bookish, musical-dramatic or artistic work: up to 60 years after the lifetime of the author.
  2. Anonymous and pseudonymous works: 60 years from the date the work was 1st published.
  3. Cinematographic works: 60 years from the date film was screened
  4. Sound recordings: 60 years from the date such sound recording is released.